The spirit of giving enriches the soul

Making an annual pledge to Sei Ko Kai is an excellent way to support the church in a substantial, predictable way.

Part of being a member of an organization is to make sure that it is supported both financially and with time and talent. At different times in our lives, we will have more and less time and money, but it is expected that everyone will contribute what they can to the life of the church. We also understand that circumstances change, and it is always acceptable to change your pledge.

The pledge is not simply about money and supporting the church. It is also our response to God. We owe everything, life itself, to God. It is all a gift from God. We believe it is part of our spiritual awareness to give a portion back to God, in token of all we have been given. This is different than “paying dues” at the club. We ask that you pray, and then decide what your pledge will be this year.

Click here if you prefer to make your payment by check or other method.

We accept all major credit cards and Paypal. After completing the form below you will be taken to a secure Paypal page to complete the transaction. The amount you charge today will only be charged once. We cannot do repeated charges, so you will have to come back each month or quarter as you choose.  If you want to make a special one-time gift to the church, for Thanksgiving, for instance, click over to to the Gifts To The Church page.