Christ Church Sei Ko Kai is a wonderful, family-sized Episcopal church meeting in an old Victorian house in San Francisco

You are welcome to come and see whether this expression of spirituality fits yours. We have communion every Sunday, and we welcome your participation in the sharing of bread and wine if you are comfortable doing so. Questions are not only allowed, they are encouraged! There is Sunday school for little ones during the first part of the service, and usually educational programs for adults after church.

Our traditions are important to us, but we are not bound by them. We were started as a church for Japanese-speaking Episcopalians; we are now primarily English-speaking people of Japanese, Chinese and Caucasian heritage. We are Episcopalians, connected to the larger Anglican Communion, using the principles of Scriptures, tradition, reason and experience to make sense of our faith. We are Christians, followers of the Way of Jesus, and we are members of the Japanese American Religion Federation, working together with Buddhist and Independent (Konko) churches for the good of the community.